Low maintenance blonde hairstyles help you stretch out the time between salon visits and minimize the impact of showing roots. They cut down on the work involved in looking your best and the chemical treatments your hair undergoes. They’re also a pleasant surprise for your pocketbook.

That doesn’t mean they’re entirely stress-free. Get the most from your laid back look (and relaxed upkeep) by following a few simple steps.

Here are six tips for low maintenance blonde locks that rock.

1. Select a low maintenance style.

If you haven’t already taken the plunge, ask your stylist about the latest looks that put a lazy twist on light locks. Babylights are among the latest trends. These baby-fine highlights grow out naturally with your hair color and create a glossy, glowing effect. Balayage resembles the sun’s natural lightening effects on hair; while ombré is a more obvious transition from dark roots to light tips.

2. Hold back on hair washing.

You heard that right. Shampoos strip natural oils from your hair and can increase the damage brought on by bleach and the toning process. It’s best to stick with washing your hair just two or three times per week. Dry shampoo will help keep your hair looking clean in-between washes.

3. Keep your hair hydrated.

Adding the right kind of moisture to your hair will help it retain its natural bounce and shine. Experts recommend using a hydrating hair mask once a week. Add hot oil treatments once a month or coconut oil regularly.

4. Protect and replenish your hair color.

Color-safe shampoos and conditioners tend to have fewer sulfates and silicones. They often have natural ingredients, like argan oil, as well. If possible, be sure to prepare your hair for the treatment process by using protein-based masks in advance of having your new style done.

5. Avoid heat and other harsh conditions.

While you can use a protective spray while straightening or curling your hair, it’s best for your hair if you’re able to avoid them entirely. Look into alternative methods for drying, curling, and other heat-heavy styling techniques. While you’re at it, look into a swimming cap if you’ll be swimming in chlorinated water.

6. Trim, gloss, and tone for the best look.

While low maintenance styles can keep you out of the salon for months at a time, you might want to make the trip for non-color purposes. Glosses will help your hair look and feel it’s very best. Toning shampoos and treatments will keep your light color from turning dull and yellow. Trims will also work their magic and keep your hair looking as beautiful as possible.

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