Apprenticeship Program

Welcome! Thank you so much for checking out our education opportunities here at Tribe Hair Company. We are an education-based salon, and we value expanding our knowledge every single day. Here. Our Apprenticeship Program is paramount to us. We love sharing our knowledge, and watching stylists grow into successful educators themselves.

The Tribe Apprenticeship Program is an immersion-based experience, focused on honing skills that result in a successful stylist. The curriculum begins with learning the basics, and moves on to begin working with real clients, all in a friendly and collaborative environment with your mentors. We strive to continually grow apprentices that are professional, successful and happy.

A few features of our program that stand out are:

  • True balance of theory and practical learning.
  • Classes that encourage personal development and growth
  • Education focused on current trends and profitability
  • custom plans based on each individual student

So what does that look like?

Requirements to take your examination in Georgia are:

  • 3000 training hours and 18 months for a master cosmetologist license
  • 2650 training hours logged and 14 months for hair designer

At Tribe Hair Company, we combine this timeframe with our 12 month Curriculum and Assisting Program to ensure not only completion, but success of our budding stylists. Our graduating classes are ready to take clients upon completion, and most of them have a solid foundation of regular clients upon exiting the program.




How much is the Tribe Apprenticeship Program?

The program will include the kit needed for the state board exam, as well as bi-monthly hands-on classes, and one-on-one apprenticeship with master stylist.


Will I get to stay at Tribe as a stylist?

Of course! We love to keep our Tribe Apprentices on staff after they pass the state exam. You would be eligible for a part-time or full-time stylist position according to available schedule.


What is the difference in apprenticeship and going to school?

The difference in school and apprenticeship is that you have a group of amazing mentors who have been where you are and want to help you become a successful stylist. you will learn techniques and skills during the apprenticeship that you would only be able to learn in continuing-ed courses after attending school. Most high end salons will require graduating cosmetology students to assist 6-12 months before going on the floor. Apprenticeship allows you to get your foot in the door earlier.


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