Did you know that nearly half of all women experience hair loss before the age of 50? Hair loss is an extremely common problem and one that is especially tough to deal with. It can be stressful trying to find solutions for hair loss; supplements, treatments, and wigs can be expensive and don’t always provide the results you want. At Tribe Hair Company, we want all of our clients to feel beautiful and confident. That’s why we use hand-tied extensions to help with the effects of hair loss. Keep reading to find out why we use hand-tied hair extensions and why we love them so much.

Hand-tied extensions are much thinner and less bulky than typical extensions, which can add too much volume to fine hair and look unnatural. Regular extensions can damage your hair over time, while hand-tied extensions are much lighter and cause less strain on thinning hair. For a seamless and natural look, hand-tied extensions are the perfect choice.

There are three common types of extensions that you’ve probably heard of: clip-in, tape-in, and sew-in extensions. While your appointment might be faster with these extensions, as they require much less attention and care to attach to your locks, thinning hair might not respond well. In fact, these extensions can actually damage your hair and contribute to further hair loss. 

The process of getting extensions hand-tied takes a bit longer, but our stylists are here to take their time to make sure that your extensions look just right and add the perfect amount of volume to fine hair. Regular extensions can cause visible bumps or kinks in your hair, and sometimes tracks can shift around on your scalp, creating a lopsided look. The extensions we use for hand-tying are thin and lightweight, so they sit flat on your scalp and do not shift. With the variety of lengths and colors we have available, your extensions will blend beautifully into your natural hair.

Get Premium Hand-Tied Extensions With The Professionals

If you’re dealing with hair loss, or you want to add volume to your fine hair, hand-tied extensions are the best option. You can leave behind the stress of hair loss and enjoy longer, thicker locks. Just head to our website and book an appointment with one of our expert stylists. Remember, it takes professional training to properly hand-tie extensions, so it’s best to come by the salon and see us! You can learn more about hand-tied hair extensions at Tribe Hair Co. by visiting our website.