Summer is just around the corner, which means trips to the beach, sitting out by the pool, and getting some sun. Amidst all the summertime fun, it’s important to remember to take care of your extensions. To help you keep your extensions looking amazing all summer long, Tribe is sharing our summer extension care guide! Read on below for some tips and tricks for mastering summer extension care.

Brush Out Your Hair Every Day

Brushing your hair extensions every day during the summer will help keep them from getting tangled and knotted. There are special brushes designed for hair extensions that can prevent your extensions from getting caught where they are tied or taped. Regular brushes have teeth that can pull on extensions and cause them to come loose; make sure you’re using a brush that can untangle your hair, but that is still gentle enough to keep your extensions intact. Go slowly and be careful while brushing your hair. We recommend starting by gently brushing out tangles and moving your way up towards the crown of your head. 

Going Swimming? Protect Your Hair!

You don’t have to avoid frolicking in the ocean or taking a dip in the pool this summer, but it’s crucial to protect your extensions if you plan on getting them wet. If your extensions are held with tape or another adhesive, moisture from water and sweat can deplete the bonding. Try to avoid letting your hair soak in water; instead, pat dry your extensions at the root as soon as you’re out of the water. You can also rough-dry your hair with a hairdryer at the roots and let the rest of your hair air dry. This will help protect the adhesives and keep your extensions right where they should be. If you’re worried about the bonding your extensions have, consider getting hand-tied extensions from Tribe. These extensions are specially made to sit naturally in your hair, and there is no risk of any bonding wearing down. Be very careful swimming in chlorinated pools, as the chemical is known to turn extensions pink and discolor your hair, especially if you have blonde or very light extensions. You can avoid tangles when you go swimming by putting your hair into a bun or braid to keep the hair together. Pro tip: avoid ponytails, which can pull on your extensions and put too much strain on the bonds.

Ditch the Hot Tools

It’s perfectly fine to dry your hair on a low setting using a hairdryer after getting your extensions wet, but other than that, avoid using heat styling tools if you can. Straightening and curling irons can damage your natural hair and extensions, which are already prone to damage from the sun and chlorinated or salty water. Let your summer hair fly free as often as you can! Try out some styles that don’t require heat, such as braids and buns. Sleeping with your hair in loose braids (not too tight, as this can damage your extensions) will create a natural wavy style that doesn’t require any heated tools. If you do need to use heat styling tools, remember to apply a heat-protectant product, such as Bumble and bumble’s Heat Shield Spray, to protect your hair from heat damage.

Avoid Sea Salt Sprays

Salt can weaken the bonds on your extensions, and all summer long, we expect to be swimming or sweating. Because your extensions are already at risk of getting damaged or coming loose due to salt water and sweat, it’s important to avoid using sea salt sprays near the roots of your hair extensions. If you want a naturally beachy hairstyle, try using a curl-enhancing product like the Curl Reactivator from Bumble and bumble that you can apply on damp hair. You can also use our tip from above and opt for a no-heat style by sleeping in a loose braid or bun. If you must use a small amount of a sea salt spray to finalize your beach look, apply it only on your mid-length to ends and avoid touching your roots.

Keep Your Extensions Far From Oils & Lotions

Contact with oils from lotion and sunscreen can weaken the bond on tape-in and glued hair extensions. When applying lotion on your face, avoid getting too close to any extensions that are near your hairline. After applying lotion and sunscreen, be sure to wash and dry your hands very well to remove any oily residue and avoid touching your hair too much, especially at the roots.

Condition More, Shampoo Less & Avoid Oils

In the dry summertime, keeping your hair hydrated is key. The hot sun, saltwater from sweat and the sea, and chemicals from pool water can all dry out your extensions and leave your hair feeling brittle. Always use a conditioner after you shampoo and try to incorporate a leave-in conditioner between washes, like the Curl 3-in-1 from Bumble and bumble. Since cleansing products can dry and strip your hair, aim to shampoo your hair only when you need to, ideally 2-3 times a week. Avoid putting any conditioner or oils near the roots of your hair to avoid a greasy crown.

If you’re worried about maintaining your extensions this summer, book an appointment online at Tribe Hair Company! We offer hand-tied extensions that require little upkeep and provide a natural, seamless look for gorgeous hair. Plus, there is no glue involved, so you don’t have to stress about sweat or saltwater affecting any bonding. For more tips or to find out about the services we have here at Tribe, check out our website.