The best hair color ideas will give you the style you’ve always wanted, without compromising the health of your hair. While your natural hair color might be beautiful on its own, you can always enhance or completely change it. This year, playing with color is one of the hottest trends in the hair industry. From subtle highlights to rainbow hues, the sky is the limit. Here are three of our favorite trends for 2019:

1. Add a Touch of Femininity with Pastels

Who says you can only dye your hair brown, blonde, or red? Instead of sticking to the basics, try something out of the ordinary. Pastels are a great way to add a rainbow of color to your hair, without standing out too much. You may even be able to show off your new pastel hair at the office.

Pastel purples, teals, and pinks show up best on light hair. Before you add the final color, a stylist will need to bleach and lighten your natural color. Both platinum blonde and cool gray create the perfect canvas for colorful hair dye. Subtle highlights or a rainbow ombre are favorite ways to incorporate pastel colors. Since bleaching your hair may cause damage, you should leave this technique to a licensed stylist.

2. Create Visual Interest with Balayage

If you want to go lighter, be sure to ask a stylist about Balayage. This French form of hair coloring involves painting select strands a new color. While this technique is very similar to highlighting, it looks much more natural. Some of the hair remains untouched, and the lightened strands blend in seamlessly. Many people compare the results to lightening hair in the sun.

While most clients choose to add blonde, you can ask your hairdresser to create a color that suits your style. If you are brunette, for example, you may want to add layers of light bronze. Those who have gray hair can create a multidimensional Balayage effect with streaks of bright silver.

3. Stick to Your Roots

Brunettes can have just as much fun as blondes. This year embrace your roots and go darker. Ask for a glaze that is one to three shades darker than your natural hair color. If your hair is a chestnut brown, ask for a chocolate brown. Be sure to choose an undertone that enhances your skin tone. Those with cool undertones look best with ash brown hair. But, if you have warm undertones, you should stick to something that has a touch of copper or bronze.

Most salons use a demi-permanent hair glaze when clients want to go darker. This type of dye doesn’t penetrate or damage the hair cuticle. It usually lasts for about 24 washes and gradually fades over time.

Ready for a Change? Head to the Salon

Sure, you can find at-home hair dye at just about any local drug store, but this doesn’t mean you’ll end up with the results you want. Additionally, you may end up damaging your hair in the process. It’s best to leave hair coloring to the pros.

Here at Tribe Hair Company, we employ some of the most talented stylists in the area. Our salon stays current with all of the latest hair trends. No matter what type of cut or color treatment you want, we can make it happen. After we work our magic, you’ll leave feeling like a superstar. Schedule an appointment to speak with a stylist about the best hair color ideas for you.