The word “balayage” can be heard and seen in every salon you walk into. But what does it mean, and why is it so popular? If you have no idea what the balayage process looks like, and you’re curious to find out if it’s right for you, let us help you! Tribe Hair Company is home to expert stylists experienced in the balayage technique, and we can answer any questions you might have.


So, What Is Balayage?


It’s a method of highlighting your hair, but it doesn’t follow the traditional highlighting process. Traditionally, highlights are done using foiling in a way that gives you a fully symmetrical look. Balayage is different: the method involves your stylist hand painting your hair for a more natural highlighted look. The appearance of balayage hair looks like sunlight hitting your hair as if you were on the beach.

Balayage is a beneficial technique in many respects. It’s a great way to start highlighting if you haven’t colored your hair before because it’s very low-commitment. Balayage is designed to grow out in a way that keeps your hair looking natural and beautiful, without the harsh lines of grown-out roots meeting your dyed strands. Because balayage grows out so flawlessly, maintenance is not required as often as traditional highlighting. That means you can go 8-12 weeks at a time without feeling like you need to get back in the salon.

Your hair will thank you for opting for balayage. Because the technique does not involve a stylist saturating your hair in chemicals but rather painting on your color by hand, your hair won’t suffer the same kind of damage as regular highlights may cause. Balayage is also very versatile and able to adapt to a range of looks. You can go for a light, subtle, ombre look, or you can decide to go for bright, blonde strands; just let your stylist know!

Balayage is also safe for pregnant and nursing mothers and those with allergies to dyes. Balayage does not come in full contact with your scalp, but rather sits directly on the hair. Your stylist can take your needs into account when hand-painting your highlights to ensure your health and safety.


Get Balayage Without Damaging Your Hair With Tribe Hair Company


If you’re looking to get highlights that are beautiful, low-maintenance, safe, and effortlessly versatile, balayage hair color is for you. At Tribe Hair Company, blonde balayage is one of our specialties! Our expert stylists are professionally trained and practiced in their techniques, and they’re here to help you find the perfect style. You can book your appointment online with us anytime. Check out our website to see all the services we offer at Tribe, or swing by and say hey!