Wishing for healthy winter hair? Winter may be on its way out, but your hair is likely facing the consequences of the season. From chilly outdoor temps to the blasts of dry indoor heating, your hair and scalp may be showing the signs of winter. Keep reading for tips from the hair care experts at Tribe Hair Company about how to make sure your hair is as healthy as possible as you transition from winter to spring.

Why Is Winter Bad for Hair?

There are several factors that make winter hard on your hair and scalp. Top contributors include dry, cold air outside and dry, warm air inside. It’s the lack of moisture in the environment that leads to unruly hair that doesn’t do what you want it to do. You may notice your hair doesn’t hold its hairstyle as well due to the dry conditions.

Symptoms of Unhealthy Winter Hair

How can you know your hair is unhealthy and you need to take action? Here are some signs and symptoms pointing to winter hair that needs some TLC:

  • Overly dry, brittle hair
  • More hair loss than usual
  • Flat hair and lack of typical volume
  • Hair breakage
  • Unruly fly-aways and frizz
  • Dry, itchy, or flaky scalp

3 Tips to Boost Your Hair Health

There’s no need to throw your hands in the air and settle for hair and scalp issues during the winter months. There are proactive methods you can use to prevent problems in the first place as well as steps to improve your hair’s health and overall appearance if you’ve allowed winter’s effects to show.

Tip #1: Avoid using hot water to wash your hair.

While a steamy shower may seem appealing when it’s cold outside, the hot water can do a number on your hair and scalp. Washing your hair with hot water strips your scalp of natural oils, which leads to dry scalp and hair shafts. If you prefer a hot shower, turn the faucet to cool or lukewarm when washing and rinsing your hair. Switching to cool water at the end of the hair washing session will work to lock-in moisture.

Tip #2: Wash your hair less often.

Your hair doesn’t require daily hair washing during the winter months since you aren’t likely sweating as often. Going longer between washes allows your scalp to replenish those natural oils that keep your hair and scalp healthy. If you notice your hair is oily, opt for dry shampoo and keep hair washing to every other day or longer if possible.

Tip #3: Nourish Your Hair with Conditioning Products

From overnight hair masks and scalp oils to deep conditioners, there are many high-quality salon products on the market that can nourish and replenish the moisture for your dry hair and scalp. Ask your experienced Tribe Hair Company stylist to recommend a conditioning product that is ideal for your hair type.

Reach out to the stylists at Tribe Hair Company now to schedule a consultation for healthy winter hair or get personalized advice to help your hair look its best year-round.