What is balayage? Have you wondered about the new hair trend sweeping the nation? This hair dyeing technique has taken over the fashion industry and social media. No matter where you look, you see people showing off their lightened locks. But, before you ask your stylist for this trendy look, you need to know what you’re getting. Here are the basics.

Balayage Origins

If you found yourself struggling to pronounce the word, French is probably not your first language. This French term means “to sweep.” While most people were unaware of this coloring process before recent years, it actually dates back to the 1970s. The first known usage of the technique was at the Carita salon in Paris. It stayed relatively unknown until the 1990s when some trendsetters tried to bring the style back into fashion. Today, this unique way to color hair is popular with people all over the world.

Not Your Average Dye Job

When you go to the salon to have your hair colored or highlighted, you expect to sit under a dryer with a head full of color and foils. However, this treatment doesn’t affect every strand. Instead, the stylist paints the color onto selected areas. They may protect some of your hair with cotton or fabric to keep it free of dye.

The results are very natural. The darker, untreated hair blends in seamlessly with the colored strands. It mimics the look you get from sunny summer days spent outside. Some people use this method to camouflage gray hair. Instead of coloring your hair a single shade, it creates a multidimensional look.

How It’s Different from Ombre

Many novices confuse this highlighting process with Ombre highlights. Although they both lighten hair, the technique is very different. With the sweep of this application, your stylist paints the lighter color throughout your hair, from root to tip. By contrast, in Ombre processing, the hairstylist only lightens the ends of the hair. This creates a distinct line from dark to light.

Lasting Results

Your stylist must bleach your hair to lighten it. This means any highlighting process is permanent, but it’s accessible and appealing to people of all ages. It’s especially popular with those who want to cover up grays. Because it blends natural hair color with color-treated hair, roots are less noticeable. You may be able to wait a few extra weeks before your next coloring.

It’s never smart to bleach your hair on your own. You may end up damaging the strands. Instead, trust a skilled stylist at Tribe Hair Company to transform your hair. Our salon specializes in the latest trends, including balayage, extensions, and more. Let one of our stylists help determine the best look for you by booking an appointment with us today.