So, what is Olaplex, and why does your hairdresser keep suggesting it? If you bleached or lightened your hair recently, your stylist may have recommended this raved-about product to you. But do you really need it? While trimming your hair reduces breakage and split ends, coloring often has the opposite effect. However, with Olaplex, you can help keep your hair looking its best. Here’s why:

Olaplex Repairs Damage

Every time you color your hair, you put your strands at risk. Bleaching is especially damaging. If you’ve ever had crunchy, frizzy hair after going lighter, you know this is true. Olaplex offers a solution. This treatment not only makes hair look and feel healthier, but it also repairs strand damage. Yes, you read that right. When used in a professional salon, Olaplex can reduce breakage by fixing broken bonds.

How does it work? The chemicals in this miracle product restore broken bonds on a molecular level. Isn’t science cool? The main ingredient is bis-aminopropyl diglycol dimaleate. While that may seem like a mouthful, you don’t need to pronounce this compound to experience its effects. Olaplex targets the entire strand, from root to tip. The result is softer, stronger hair that can withstand extreme coloring and heat.

The 3 Steps of Olaplex

Olaplex is a three-step system. While you may be able to find this product at a local beauty store, you’ll only be able to purchase the third step. The first two steps are for professional stylists only. Each step serves its own unique purpose.

• Number 1: The first step protects hair during the coloring process. Your hairstylist mixes the product with the dye or bleach to prevent broken bonds as the color activates.

• Number 2: Your stylist applies the second step when they rinse out the hair dye. It acts as a deep conditioning treatment and makes hair more manageable.

• Number 3: The final step is an at-home treatment (and the one sold at local stores). Every week, you should comb a generous amount through your hair and let it sit for 10 minutes. This step helps you maintain the results from the initial application.

Who Benefits from Olaplex?

Hairstylists everywhere sing the praises of Olaplex. If you bleach, highlight, or lighten your hair, you should request this remarkable treatment. You’ll notice your hair is softer to the touch after a single application. Since it reduces the risk of breakage, you’ll be able to color your hair without fear.

Olaplex isn’t just for colored hair, however. It can also prevent and reduce damage from other chemical processes and heat. That’s why so many stylists recommend this treatment before a perm or Brazilian blowout. It also minimizes the risk of split ends from hairdryers and flat irons. Anyone who styles their hair can benefit from this strand-saving product.

Find an Olaplex Professional Near You

If you want to experience Olaplex for yourself, you must head to a professional salon. Tribe Hair Company proudly offers this treatment to clients. You can combine it with other services for head-turning results. With more than 16 years of collective experience, our talented stylists can help you achieve the look you desire. What is Olaplex? Get in touch with us to schedule a treatment to maintain the health of your locks.