Want the kind of luscious locks you see in magazines and on the red carpet? More importantly, do you want fuller, longer hair now rather than waiting years for it to grow? Hair extensions are the not-so-secret secret of models, celebrities, and maybe even your favorite hair stylist. But if you’re wondering whether extensions will damage your hair, you’re asking a smart question.

The Whole Point is to Get MORE Hair, Not Less

Some people have the kind of full, thick locks that would put a lion’s mane to shame. Others either lop it off, learn how to style thinner hair, or try every hair growth remedy under the sun. The rest of us get extensions.

Today’s extensions can look natural, last for months, and give you more styling options that you love. However, it’s essential to do it right if you don’t want to wind up with thinner, damaged hair – or even traction alopecia in the process.

Hair Extensions: Get Professional Help

This is not a DIY project. Unless you are a contortionist, putting extensions in your hair by yourself is virtually impossible. A skilled stylist knows how to apply your new extensions to make them look natural and prevent damage to your real hair. They’ll space them appropriately and attach them at the correct point on your hair to minimize pulling.

Careful Care and Maintenance

Your stylist will give you helpful tips and advice on caring for your extensions. A few pointers:

  • Don’t try brushing from roots to tips. You may pull your extensions out and break your hair in the process.
  • Choose a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner. Only condition the ends of your hair (and your extensions).
  • Braid your hair at night or consider covering it with a silk wrap to keep it from tangling as you sleep.

Typically, eight weeks is the maximum for keeping your extensions in place. After that, you’ll need to have them removed and reapplied.

Don’t Try Removing Hair Extensions Yourself

With or without extensions, yanking on your hair is a sure way to break it. It may be tempting to try taking yours out by yourself. Resist that temptation! Make an appointment with your stylist instead. That way you won’t stress your hair, and you can also get your hair trimmed and shaped so that it lies right.

In the end, it’s vital to find a stylist who has lots of experience with extensions. Just as you wouldn’t want to serve as a guinea pig for a stylist doing his or her first hair color, you’ll be happier with the results you can get from an expert.

Here at the Tribe Hair Company, we specialize in hair extensions, so you know you’ll walk out absolutely loving your look. Why not book a hair extension consult now?